Every day, corporate events are on the rise, those that help to give visibility and improve the reputation of a company or brand, both online and offline, providing value to its community.

In addition, this is an excellent way to leverage all our corporate strategies. Because, thanks to these business events, we can make ourselves known and relate more closely to our target audience.

As a regular speaker at this type of congress, I can vouch for the fact that with them we manage to strengthen our Branding and improve our business’ campaigns to attract new potential clients.

But the organization of these corporate events implies a great deal of planning and a number of tasks beyond what can be seen at first sight, that is, the final result that those attending the event can appreciate.

As you well know, I like to start my blog articles by putting you in a situation and defining in detail the theme of the blog, which goes beyond the organization of the fairs to which we are commonly accustomed.

Therefore, in case you still don’t have a clear definition of a corporate event, I’ll get you out of it:

What is a corporate event?

A corporate event is an event where a certain number of people with interests related to an organization meet. This is an excellent instrument to motivate the employees of a company and to attract and retain potential customers by organizing promotional and informative events or motivational meetings.

The contents and information presented in it are usually closely related to the activities usually carried out by the organizing company, so it is an action that, in principle, will be included in their strategies or corporate marketing plan.

How can a corporate event bring more professional benefits to my company?

Today’s article focuses on this very idea, where you will learn about the great advantages and how to successfully organize a business event of this magnitude.

But, to go deeper into the subject, I have decided to invite Pep Botey back to my blog. In this 117th guest post he will tell you in detail how corporate events can benefit a company and, above all, what you need to organize your own.

How to organize a corporate event to boost your business branding?

The branding or construction of your company’s brand is a complex process, in which various very heterogeneous elements come into play, one of the most important being the construction or organisation of a corporate event.

Personally, I am fully convinced that the organization of an event of these characteristics can be a key piece to enhance your brand positioning and branding strategy.

However, to do so, it is absolutely necessary and essential that it is organized in an optimal way and based on previously studied guidelines, which allow us to achieve a series of defined objectives and make it profitable.

For all that, in this post I would like to tell you:

  • The reasons why I think you should bet on a corporate event to boost your company’s branding.
  • The most interesting formats nowadays.
  • A success story in this area: the “Inbound Leaders” organized by our agency: InboundCycle.
  • How to calculate the ROI (return on investment) of an event of this size and the keys to make it more profitable.
  • The new trends in corporate event organization.

Branding as a fundamental pillar within our marketing strategy

The term “branding” is not a new concept in the digital marketing sector. It has been used for many years and should be practiced frequently, as it serves to refer to the strategy we build around our brand as a whole.

Your company’s brand encompasses all aspects that the consumer perceives of you: creation of your logo, web design, customer service, infrastructure, materials, etc.

All these are fundamental ingredients in business branding.

So these types of events are positioned as one more pillar of your branding strategy. This event can become a perfect scenario where you can show your clients or potential clients, your network of contacts, partners, suppliers, colleagues in the sector, etc.

How do we understand the concept of “community” within this type of act?

The most important thing when designing and structuring an event of this type is that you do not lose sight of your “main corporate focus”. That is to say: the why of it all.

Let’s not fool ourselves, this is something that costs money, time and effort in your organization. If you are going to organize it, you have to be very clear about why, that is, what motivates the need to communicate through that channel.

A corporate event becomes a space where you are going to create a “community”, which is aligned with your same purpose.

So, to reach them in a clear way and not just try, you have to have worked very well all this previous part.

What are the advantages for your company to organize corporate events?

An event of this kind that is optimally designed, planned and organised on the basis of a strategy with clear and concrete objectives can be a real cascade of benefits for a brand or company.

In fact, there are so many advantages that it is difficult to mention them all.

Even so, and making an effort to summarize, I will now give you what, in my opinion, are the main reasons why it is worth including them, as an outstanding action within your marketing plan:

It increases the visibility of our brand

If it is well planned, it is a guarantee of achieving a positive impact on the way in which the various actors involved, from partners or suppliers, to the workers themselves and consumers, will perceive our brand.

Very direct communication is achieved

It makes them the ideal medium to communicate personally and directly with users, something that is sometimes missing in today’s highly digitalized context.

It usually leaves an important mark in the memory of the attendees and is the best way to communicate a certain brand image and also a philosophy and values associated with it.

It serves to create a community that is truly interested in our services

This is a key point of the events, which serve to bring together a group of professionals and/or users directly interested with our brand, either for professional reasons or as consumers.

The messages are not going to “fall on deaf ears”, but will reach the people we are interested in and who, at the same time, are interested in us, as they have concerns and/or needs in line with what we can offer them.

It gives us the opportunity to get one step ahead of the competition

Organizing corporate or business events gives us the great opportunity to do things differently from the rest of the companies in the sector, allowing us to stand out in an increasingly complex and competitive market.

They give us prestige and visibility

Another great advantage of them, is that they serve to position us as experts or references in our field of activity, in addition to making us more visible.

What are the main types of corporate events that exist?

It is likely that when you think of a corporate or business event, an auditorium full of people will come to mind, or a big dinner for all the company’s workers.

But the truth is that there is more life behind those classic models.

There are an infinite number of possibilities, which will be optimally adapted to your needs and your community.